1. Except as set forth in this Refund Policy, all donations, event registrations, and sales are final.

    2. We do not give refunds for donations.   All donations are final.

    3. As a general rule, we do not make any refund for event registration cancellations as we will rely upon your registration for planning the event, incurring expenses by buying supplies and services for the event, booking the venue, and giving a guaranteed headcount to the venue, caterer, valet, entertainers, or other third-party providers for the event.     We will make two exceptions to our no refund policy:   

      • Upon your written request by emailing at least one business day ahead of the event, you may send a substitute of your choice for the same event under your registration;

      • We will give you credit for your registration payment to apply to a future DSC South Texas event, if you provide us written notice of cancellation before the earlier of (i) two business days before the event, or (ii) the time after which we can no longer reduce our headcount with the caterer and/or venue without charge or penalty.